Twicely Has Now Ceased Trading.

Despite our best efforts we are not able to continue trading and all of our operations have stopped with immediate effect.

As you are aware our warehouse was broken into at the start of October and we suffered the loss of a substantial percentage of the items we stored there. As well as the loss of items there was significant damage to our IT systems and warehouse infrastructure. We have previously posted about this, and there are more details about the break in here ..../

The timing of the theft was disastrous for us coming just before the peak selling weeks of mid October to December. The items stolen were irreplaceable and as a result all of the potential sales value was lost.

The combination of administrative issues and drop in sales has made it impossible to continue and sadly we have been forced to close. If you are an existing customer with current live items there will be limited amount of time until the 21st December to arrange the return of these items. There is more information about how to arrange this and how to deal with any other issues here ...../ We would like to thank our customers for their support. As a team we are devastated that the Twicely journey has ended like this. We have worked for over 6 years to build Twicely and to have it stolen in this way is difficult for all of us to accept.

Thank you


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*****Trading Announcement Regarding the Recent Break In at our Ramsbottom Warehouse*****

Please click here for more information about the recent break in at our warehouse ...../