How we work out your earnings

Initial Twicely Listing Price Up Front Payout % ** After Sale Payout %
£14.99 or less 10% 10%
£15.00 – £29.99 20% 30%
£30 - £39.99 25% 35%
£40 - £49.99 30% 40%
£50 - £59.99 35% 45%
£60 - £99.99 N/A 50%
£100 - £149.99 N/A 55%
£150 - £199.99 N/A 60%
£200 - £299.99 N/A 65%
£300 + N/A 70%
  • ** Any item with an initial listing price of £60 or less can qualify for an upfront payout. However, an upfront payout will not always be offered and the final decision regarding the payment options offered are entirely at Twicely's discretion. Upfront items can expect to attract a payout of between 10% to 35% of the anticipated selling price. Payouts are determined by the expected initial selling price (or final selling price in the case of consignment items) with payout rates rising to between 50% and 70%. You can calculate your payout using the table above.
  • The initial Twicely listing price takes into consideration a few, key, factors such as the original MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), the last actual retail price in stores, seasonality, the age of an item, it’s quality, style, and how quickly items like it are currently selling.
  • There is a minimum item value of £10 (excluding childrenswear). This means that we will not accept an item if we expect that it will sell for less than £10. This doesn't apply to childrens clothing and we won't reject childrens items under £10. If an item that you are sending to us cost less than £25 when you bought it new (RRP) then there is a good chance (unless it is still new with tags) that it will be valued at under £10.
  • Upfront items: Upfront items are those that we can pay you for straight away. They will be items that are on-trend, in-season, and in great condition. They will be current, or currently very saleable, and straightforward to value. The payout that you will receive is based on the initial listing price of the item. The table above shows you what you can expect to earn depending on the initial listing price.
  • Consignment items: Consignment items will meet all of our criteria for acceptance - premium brands, in like new condition but may not be as straightforward to value or they may be out of season and take a little longer to sell. Some higher value items are tricky to value and rather than undersell them we can consignment list them at the higher end of our expectations. That means sellers will receive the maximum payout. Payment for these items is made in the month after they sell. You will receive a consignment sales report around the 10th of each month. This details all of your consignment items that have sold and the payout that you will receive. Payouts are usually made within 2-3 days of the seller report email. The payout that you will receive is based on the selling price that the item achieves. The table above shows you what you can expect to earn depending on the final selling price.