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How We Check Your Items Our Process

It's my job!
As @twicely_uk senior merchandiser I check every item meticulously so that when we say 'it's like new', well it's 'like new'! Simple!
If we wouldn't buy it ourselves then we wouldn't sell it!

#LikeNew We treat your items with care & respect. Each item is thoroughly inspected using our time-tested quality assurance checklist. Items that meet our strict quality standards are immediately listed for sale on Twicely.

Your Payout How You Get Paid

After your items have been processed you'll receive a detailed payout email which lists all of the items we can accept for sale on Twicely. Payouts are calculated as a percentage of the selling price and there is a table here that shows how much you will be paid. Upfront items get paid straight away. Consignment items attract a higher payout but you have to wait until the item sells before you get paid.


UpfrontItems that are on-trend, in-season, in great condition, and likely to sell quickly. You’ll receive a payout as soon as these items are processed.


ConsignmentItems in great condition that may take longer to sell because of the unique nature of the items. You’ll be paid for these items upon sale.

What Do I Get Paid?

The amount you’re paid depends on the original price (RRP), the brand, and category of each item. There is more detail about how we calculate your payout on our 'How Much Can You Earn' page here. We do our best to accept and sell every item that you send to us and we work hard to get your clothes in front of buyers. Your items will be marketed online on Twicely, as well as in our high street shops. We also list your items on third-party partner sites such as eBay, Amazon and luxury re-sale websites.

What happens to the items we can't accept? Return or Recycle?

If you want your items back

If you’d like to have the items we can't list on Twicely returned to you then select the 'Return' option when you order your Seller bag. We will keep them until you get your payout email when you can decide whether to have them returned or recycled to a charity partner.

Consignment customers can request the return of any, or all, of their accepted items 30 days after they’re first listed.

You can find out more about our 'Responsible Recycling' program and our 'Zero Landfill' pledge here ..../
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