Seller Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer most of your questions here, if you have any further questions please get in touch using our contact form

What condition must the clothes be in?
What happens to clothes that don’t meet the condition criteria?
If we don't accept your items it's not because we don't want to, it's because we can't economically resell them. We have high quality standards and typically accept about 40% of the clothing we receive. If you would like us to return any items that we don't accept you need to let us know when requesting your seller pack. Just click the option 'Please return my items for £9.95 (S&H Fee)' on the request form. We will deduct the return delivery cost of £9.95 from your payout and return them to you. It is important that you tell us that you want your items returned to you before returning your seller bag to us. If you have missed this, or changed your mind, then you must email and inform us before your bag arrives at our warehouse. Under no circumstances can we change this after we have taken receipt of your items.

Alternatively you can leave it to us to responsibly recycle any items we cannot sell on the Twicely website. Typically we try to find the best home for 'not offered' clothing depending on condition and age. We have a ‘zero landfill’ policy so an alternative will always be found. Some items are passed on to charity shops and clothes banks as well as third-party sellers and textile recycling partners who can repurpose them into new useful products, like carpets and pillow stuffing. In some cases we receive compensation from our recycling partners and this is used to help offset a portion of the delivery and admin costs we incur dealing with items that we are unable to accept. Administering a responsible recycling operation is extremely expensive and as a business we cannot afford to bear all of the costs involved. Where customers have declined the return of items that have not met our criteria we reserve the right to sell a percentage of these items to further offset the costs of recycling.

In some cases it may not be possible to accept any of the items that a seller has sent in their Twicely bag. We trust our sellers to closely adhere to our 'What you can send us' criteria - especially the brand guidelines and likenew condition requirements. When this doesn't happen we end up spending a lot of time dealing with items that we just can't sell. When this happens it's a big cost for our business and we have to charge an admin fee as well as the return delivery fee for these bags. There is a £16.95 admin fee as well as the standard £9.95 delivery charge payable for the return of a bag where no payout has been offered.
What happens after I send in my bag?
Do I have to pay to send my bag to Twicely?
Can you send in clothes items and brands that are not on the current requirements list?
How much can I earn selling my clothes with Twicely?
How quickly will you receive your money?
Can you guarantee how much money I will get for my clothes?
What is a consignment item and how does it work?
How quickly do consignment items sell on Twicely?
What happens if I don't agree with the expected selling price of an item?
Are then any limits to how little, or how much, I can send in?
Can I change my mind and get my clothes back?
How do I send my clothes to you?
Do I need extra insurance?
How do I reclaim an unsold consignment item?
Do I have to sign any agreements or contracts?
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